Sweet, sweet summer!

The Taste of Summer

With temperatures rising there are only a few ways to cool down this summer and a little, (or a lot of), ice cream is our recommended first step.

Step 2 is the painstaking task of deciding between Three River's Wild Blackberry ice cream made from wild blackberries that grow along the rivers in the Sierra OR Peaches & Cream made from locally  grown peaches right from the owners backyard.

Step 3 is realizing that you don't have to decided between the two because a scoop of both is the taste of summer. 


Marzipan Stollen

Our ‘Original Stollen Recipe’ is even more mouth watering with a half pound ribbon of rich almond marzipan at its center. Tied with a holiday plaid bow, this taste of Christmas will delight your senses.

*This is a seasonal product.