Valentine’s Day Chocolates

Classic Red Velvet Heart

Our biggest seller, the ultimate classic red velvet heart. We fill these hearts with a lavish, generous selection of our handcrafted Deluxe Mixed Chocolates. Creamy soft centers, nut clusters, caramels, California Turtles and a red foiled Grand Marnier Cherry Cordial in every box. The red velvet box can be used as a keepsake to store love notes and mementos afterwards.  

A Happy Heart

What would make your Valentine happier than a Red & White Polka Dot Heart filled with Reimer’s handcrafted gourmet chocolates? These satin polka dot hearts with red bows are filled with a diverse assortment of Deluxe Mixed Chocolates we make at our store. The happiest heart ever!

Truffle Heart

What could be more romantic than a velvet heart filled with Reimer's delicious, hand rolled, ganache truffles? This box includes all of our truffle flavors and a "Queenie." The velvet box is a beautiful keepsake to store treasured love notes, and mementos after the truffles have been enjoyed.

Cupids' Arrow Hits Its Mark

A delicious assortment of our handcrafted chocolates in a ¼ pound red and gold foil heart box. All tied up with a red satin ribbon.

California Turtles Velvet Heart

Our California Turtles have been the most popular seller in our chocolate case for over 25 years. We start with a bed of California Walnuts mixed with pecans. We add dollop of warm vanilla caramel, and top them off with a kiss of rich, creamy milk chocolate. Irresistible!