Easter Bunny with an Egg

This solid chocolate Easter Bunny would be perfect for your Easter Basket.  This upright bunny carefully holds an Easter egg.  We create these bunnies with antique chocolate molds at out chocolate factory in Three Rivers! Creamy, sweet and delicious.

Solid Chocolate Peter Rabbit

We love Easter stories, and the story of Peter Rabbit, and his antics is one of our favorites.  This bunny reminds us of that story.  This solid chocolate bunny weighs in at over 1/2 pound of delicious creamy chocolate.  This bunny, made from one of Reimer's collection of antique chocolate molds, is the perfect Easter gift for the true chocolate lover. Available in milk or dark chocolate.

Easter Bunny - Solid Chocolate - Fat Bunny

This 4 ounce solid chocolate bunny is made in one of Reimer's classic antique molds with Reimer's own delicious creamy chocolates. Perfect as a stand alone Easter gift or an addition to your Easter basket.